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ChinaDive has been successfully listed in ShenZhen Stock Exchange on 2nd August 2016

After 2 years of IPO in August 2nd, ChinaDive has listed in Shenzhen stock Exchange.The company public offering of 21 million 250 thousand shares.The price of 10.50 yuan / share, 22.99 times the earnings release, fund-raising 187 million yuan for the construction of diving equipment production line, R & D center project. On the first day of listed, the stock has jumped by the 10 per cent daily limit , top box trading, zero bid rally, and then a few days jumped to limit, "The first diving stock" has eye-catching performance.

Analysts believe that, as a China's leading integrated diving service provider, ChinaDive's shares are extremely scarce leisure sports targets. In the future, the diving industry will greatly benefit from consumption upgrades, Also with the company raised investment target landing, solve production bottlenecks, ChinaDive's share will stablely growth .

As in public information, ChinaDive is a company specializing in the marine diving equipments. Core business are neoprene diving apperal,waders, smart diving equipments production and sales; Research and development for new composite rubber materials, production; and self-owen brand promotion and promotion of casual diving. ChinaDive is the only company capable in the diving industry in China and worldwide from raw materials , RND capability, manufacturing, to the terminal sales chain.

In popular of "Island tourism, easy visa policy, "same style with  Public figure " and other factors favorable outbound island tour, and domestic island resources yet to be developed, while diving equipment, diving services benefit from the rapid growth of island tourism". BOCI research report pointed out that as ChinaDive is in the leading position in the industry,the industry chain layout and technical advantages are well. Therefore,optimistic about the company's diving equipment manufacturing industry to service industry based on the advantage of diving expansion, the company will continue to benefit from China's high growth trend of the island tour.