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Vice Mayor YUJINFU led the team to our town for carry out Enterprise Service Month activities
On the morning of June 21st, vice mayor YUJINFU led team to ChinaDive  to carry out the business service month in our town. Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce XUHUOQIANG, deputy mayor CHENDANGSHENG, District Secretary of Commerce ZHANGYANQIONG, and Secretary OUYANGDONGQING, deputy secretary of the town and mayor LINZHIBIAO accompanied with.

The research team firstly visited the company's R & D building, visited the  related products, and held a forum.

At the meeting, the general manager of company Fang Pingzhang introduced potential and basic situation of the company, development and support for enterprise services. Since last year team gave the town of environmental security staff children problem, put forward the current difficulties and problems encountered by the company, and hope that the development of all levels of government can care, as in the past support company.

At the meeting, Secretary Ouyang Dongqing proposed on potential shares of the company on land, natural gas pipelines, infrastructure construction and one made a response, and that will be as in the past support enterprises bigger and stronger, to the enterprise service activities as an opportunity to help enterprises solve the problems existing in the development of.

At the forum, deputy district chief Chen Dangsheng stressed that the district related departments should strengthen services for enterprises to solve problems.

At the end, vice mayor YUJINFU fully affirmed and appriacte ChinaDive to make contribution for local economic development. Meanshile, he required all departments at all levels should strengthen the sense of service. Coordination with the company and slove their problem as soon as possible.