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ChinaDive core business are diving equipment and other wading protection products, as well as new types of composite rubber material research and marketing promotion. We are one of the world's major suppliers of submersible equipment products. Through years of efforts, ChinaDive in international diving and surfing equipment market has won many well-known clients, including Decathlon, C.O O 'NEILL, LYNCH, TWF, LACROSSE, Pure, Fishing, Mares, Aqualung, Billabong, and other famous large marine diving equipment terminal chain.

Product Photos Product Name Product description  Annuel Capacity

Dry suit is mainly suitable for temperate and frigid zone waters diving. Dry suits use air and a combination of undergarments. No water to take heat away if a seal is lost and allowed to flush through the suit. With dry suits you can add layers of insulation to slow the loss of body heat which provides the greatest benefit to keep warm.Dry wetsuit is because it can let you in addition to the head and hands (basically) are kept dry and named, so you can perform more dives and prolong the diving time. 50,000 Pieces

WetSuits Wetsuits is mainly suitable for diving and surfing in tropical and temperate zone waters.It protects users from scratches and stings; reduces sunlight exposure; provide isolation and protection,can also maintain comfort even in low temperature from 10 degrees C/50 degrees F to high temperature 32 degrees C/90 degrees F. The name of wetsuit comes from even if it can keeps you warm, but still get wet. The wetsuit working principle is by filling in small amount of water between your skin and wetsuit, fast heating water by body temperature to maintain the warmth. 2,600,000 Pieces

Wader ChinaDive is the world's largest fishing clothing production company.As ChinaDive have our own research and development department, we have capbility to provides different serial and design's fishing and hunting wader to our customers. 500,000 Pieces

Triathlon Suits TRIM is own by ChinaDive, it mainly for China and Southeast Asian market.  Triathlon Suits are the flagship of TRIM product line,It use our self-developed materials, Gladeskin neoprene.  It has great extensibility, excellent softness, better resistance to damage, also helps swimmers improve swimming speed. Although it is a wetsuit, but in fact is ChinaDive has create one of the most potential extensions of swimsuit. It feels completely comfortable. 100,000 Pieces

 Vulcanized Boots It is mainly used in surfing, diving, underwater construction, fishing, underwater rescue and other activities. The sole has the underwater anti-slip function grain, the strongly grasping the ground; 
Also protect your feet from scratches such as coral.As a result of the use of synthetic rubber and elastic fabric, it has the function of heat preservation, durability and elasticity.

1,000,000 Pairs

Neopreen gloves Mainly used in surfing, sailing, diving, tourism diving, commercial diving, underwater rescue, underwater construction and other water activities. Protect the user's hands and keep warm. 500,000 Pairs