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The mini Triathlon event in Guangdong, Shaoguan, Ruyuan, 2016

    This game is sponsored by the Guangdong social sports center, Chinese sports newspaper, southern daily, Guangdong radio and television sports channel, Guangdong radio and TV sports broadcasting, Shaoguan Sports Bureau and Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County People's government, Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County Department of Education (Sports), the Tourism Bureau of Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County and Shaoguan city the new culture communication co.. The competition is divided into male and female group and male and female local public groups, from across the country more than 200 players after swimming (0.2 km), bicycle (12 km), running (3 km) race three projects, the final men's Open champion Wu Xingdong, runner up, 90 runner up Li Xuliang soup; women's open Guo Zhaoyang champion, runner up Wang Zhihong, Zhou Lingli third; local champion Jian Hui, Peng man Wei Ho, He Chengshuang, second runner up; women's local group champion Huang Yunjuan, runner up Liu Xiying, runner up Weng Guanglian. No. 008 from the dive Limited by Share Ltd iron three player Li Xuliang, this time on behalf of TRIM in the submarine three team was third runner up

In recent years, Ruyuan Yao Autonomous County Wang County vigorously implement the tourism development strategy, relying on the rich ecological resources and outdoor sports resources, constantly enhance awareness of national fitness, promote fitness activities, efforts to promote the development of integration of eco tourism and ethnic sports, outdoor fitness industry, started the ecological leisure, outdoor sports, health, Yao style etc. tourism brand, has won the "National Minority Autonomous County scientific development demonstration counties", "national sports advanced collective", "national green energy demonstration counties", "Chinese folk cultural village", "Guangdong province tourism innovation development of ten counties" and other honorary titles, has hosted the Guangdong Province, South Lake public bicycle ring games, Triathlon Challenge, let us look forward to next month in September 24, 2016 the real standard distance of Shaoguan South Lake Triathlon Open challenge. By then, ChinaDive Team, Li Xuliang and Cheng Songgen, to the podium, to the championship hit.

Author: Li Xuliang Editor: Cheng Songen
Thanks to Shaoguan iron man Peng Jianhui
Thanks to the Organizing Committee