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ChinaDive win Mooring lake TianJinTuan of international triathlon race

Sponsored by the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau and the people's Government of Tianjin District of Jinghai, the Tianjin Triathlon Association and the Jinghai District Sports Bureau of Tianjin city plan and undertake. The Tianjin mercy Lake International triathlon competition (National B) will launch its shooting at Jinghai lake on September 17th, attracting more than 300 participants from all over the country. The competition will be 103 kilometers long, 3 kilometers swimming, 80 kilometers of bicycles, 20 kilometers running and half standard two. It will be the first long-distance Triathlon event held in Tianjin. Competition in accordance with international competition practices, will be based on the age of the participants from the age of 16 to 70 years of age 8 competition.

Li Xuliang on behalf of the ChinaDive Iron Man Third Team to participate in this competition, won the champion of first half in18-29 years old group.

The trip were very tight. We woke up in early morning to catch a plane from Tianjin to Shenzhen.Tianjin organizing committee is very considerate even in their first time,give praise!


Photo. 1 Tianjin Airport

Triathlon are very popluar now. you can see a large number of participants. The late can only sit on the ground to listen.

Photo. 2 technical meeting 



The intimate committee did not forget to use the game to promote the Tianjin tourist attractions - the Haihe River, the Organizing Committee for the athletes at night to visit Tianjin Haihe River, the game tourism is attracting more and more participants may cause iron three tournament. Like again.

Photo. 3/4/5 Night view in Tianjin

Water temperature reached 25.6 degrees on the day. Our TRIM warmbase Triathlon Suit far away in Guangdong brought to Tianjin, become useless.

                                    Starting Point

Photo 8.  A calm surface of the lake

 The last female athlete on the water.  Pay homage to the iron people who are truly persistent.

Photo 9.  Long distance athlete 

An hour after the short distance runners have finished the race. The athlete can be ranked matches immediately by scanning the two-dimensional code to query their own game. the efficiency is very high, have to give this timing system a like. The game is still running on 11am on the other side;on this side has started giving awards for the second team.

Photo. 10/11 Male Age 18-29 group prizes awards.

As the first time stand on the podium was a very happy thing. As migrant workers to participate in such a big game, really want to thank our company, thanks to my colleagues, behind the scenes of family support. Tianjin, we'll see you next year. I'm looking forward to the exciting and exciting events.

Photo 12. By carrying you is the greatest happiness 

Due to catch up with the Mid Autumn Festival, go home to accompany my wife, children, other events have not finished, rushed to the airport again. No time for other groups reported! I'm sorry。