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Never give up until the last minute

17th October, due  business trip to Ningbo, just reach the 16th October China Triathlon tournament held in Ningbo, Dongqian Lake, as an Ironman enthusiasts, seems destined to participate in this race. This is the first true participation in the iron tie event, and the triathlon class a event in china. Both excited and excited at the same time, it is extremely nervous. 16 at seven in the morning to reach the stadium, the original level a race is really tall, nearly 600 people on the scale of the event, the scene is so spectacular, the hard work came to Ningbo, really not wasted this trip.

Opening ceremony with Chinese characteristics 

There is a children's slide in front of the water. I really want to sit down on this slide to relieve my inner tension. The water temperature is 22.1 degrees that day. I can't wear a cold suit. But the water is really cold, cold to the thigh numbness, weakness of the results of swimming I spent more than 36 minutes to complete, basically can say goodbye to the podium. 


Bike or road group car, plus a TT.  The time waste on needs riding to catch up. Five+ star hardness.


 I wish I  could be the first to reach the end point. Even the swimming were behind, I would not give up.  Finally by two to achieve a reversal.


Finally the I won 25-29 age group champion, is really excited.This is the best return on for the club, the club was founded a few months, another standard iron champion.