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2016 Philippines Anilo diving (19th-24th)

     The long-awaited Philippines Anilo dive trip finally ready, , a total of nine people including coaches. It should have a few more students can join in, but because Philippines Resort - Anilo is usually relatively small scale of operation, the occupancy of the SUN-SHINE resort is only 17 rooms, the students will not take place behind the reservation. The tour will take place in the form of a small club. Attaches great importance to the trip down shares of the company, chairman personally participate in support, in order to increase this propaganda effect and improve guest satisfaction and potential for each factory for students to provide tailored sunscreen clothing and printed on each participant's name, dispensing of submersible cap.

On the 19th, everything is ready. Bring the passport and visa (Philippines separate visa), starting from the world each dive, in addition to their own daily necessities, with a set of diving equipment, additional photography with photographic equipment boxes and more special photography package, full to the brim, beware of are overweight, additional expenses. But all did the work course, usually two pieces of bag and suitcase airlines are relatively loose.

      We are on the Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou to Manila. From Shenzhen to Guangzhou on the road a little small block, but all the way smoothly, time node just to the card. To South China counter, the chairman think may have China Southern Airlines VIP, see if it can work, reported the phone number actually work, praise a! VIP can check a box, a member of the company without camera box fee, another big box is Manila friends with the children, there are cars and wet wipes, some food, a box of 18.5 kilograms, has received 450 yuan fee, in addition also received 55 yuan of customs fees, is really a staggering pace. Fortunately, after the security clearance, I was out of the small camera box and camera bag weight, no one asked, the camera box has more than 10 kilograms, backpack more heavy.

The plane took off on time and landed at Manila airport. When you land, look downtown from the air.

  After the immigration formalities. There is a wonderful welcome program organized by Philippines tourism bureau. Feels very pleased and active.


We take the luggage to the right channel which connected with the parking spaces.  The parking spaces here are in the order of A-Z .ChinaDive's Philipine crews are well perpare, everything goes very smooth, just the Manila road especially crowded. From T1 terminal to the hotel, spent nearly an hour. But you can look at the streetscape and the humanities along the way.

This is the local most characteristic bus, it looks very classic. The body has different colors, different from China, the car body can be posted at any number of personal favorite colors and patterns. Seem free from restraint.

Whose dog is this? It was at the gate of the hotel for drugs. The security check in Philippines is very strict. Most of us can feel the same way.There are security all around shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, banks and other places. Security personnel in a circle around the waist of all kinds of weapons and equipment. It was scary at first. The gun is can be legally held in Philippines.

After the Hotel check-in, we decied to have sea food as dinner. The place to eat seafood is called Sea food market restaurant. There are two parallel seafood streets, one for tourists, the price will be higher, and most of the tourists do not know; one is for the local people to buy seafood. Because we have stuff working here, familiar with the place, he take us to the cheaper place to buy seafood.

The seafood here is a lot of varieties, the local people are particularly enthusiastic. The Girls are very friendly for photo request.

Next, we went to a Chinese owen processing restaurant to processing seafood.

    Full of pure wild seafood. The price is not half as expensive as domestic wildlife. After dinner,we back to the hotel, there is a casino near the hotel. I heard that gambling in Philippines is legal, and also very famous, large and small casinos are everywhere. A higher grand casino have certain requirements for clothing. But small one almost not so much attention.

Say that's it for a small fortune, I play 3,000 peso. No interest at all so out in a minute.

After breakfast, the car for the resort has arrived before eight in the morning. Let's go!

    The bus along the way is very characteristic, also can see some good modern storefront and a good place to live. 

After 2.5 hours of driving, around half past ten, and finally arrived at the destination: SUN SHINE vacation, check in.This is a only Chinese Dive Inn Resort in Anilo. The owner from Shanghai, graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy. Making some movies often. PHD dreege. Oh, and won the Golden Horse Award, also reflects the charm of diving.

   After the check-in, we had lunch. The meal here are all according to Chinese dietary habits to configure. And nothing strange than home. Some photographer began to prepare photographic equipment, this is a time-consuming work to the bottom of the wonderful moments, tired is worth it. Try to dive in the afternoon, just take a dive on the shore and dive into the water for a brief introduction before launching. All persons sign risk, present liability, release documents. 



Underwater Beauty Photos

Most of us are novices, with dust sweeping over the ground.  The clown fish is very distinctive and beautiful!

The seafood last night is so delicious.Everyone are still aftertaste. So we decided to have seafood again tonight. Because seafood needs to booked in advance, ChinaDive's chairman decided to send seafood from Manila, our philipine stuff spend whole day to come over.He arrived at night. We are so hungry but still wait for it. Seafood are temptation for us.

Everyone was happy, and the Tang Xu also brought wine to here. Also one of our member Yan has bought liquor. The latest photo is two siblings,they flew with their mother from Australia to study scuba diving.

Third days of Diving trip.

It's officially diving for us today. Before launching let me make a brief introduction.The following is a full-time resort led by water diving, named Manolo, local diving coach. Diving team leading, safety control technology and sense of responsibility are very good, and very patient!

There were three dives today, two dives in the morning, lunch at noon, and another dive after the break. There are Cathedral underwater crosses fish, cars, scallops, sea lilies, tropical fish, turtles, etc.. 



 We deceied not to have sea food tonight. We went to a small town in Malia to try some local foods.

Please note that this restaurant is build in raw materials of bamboo, including the table, feeling like a bamboo bed used in rural area.  Tastes are local, and they feel normal. No comment

Fourth Days of Diving Trip.

There are three dives today. The arrangement is the same as yesterday. It's just a different diving place. Some photos to share with!


Beauty Photos of night dive.

Sea food again for us after the diving. So happy.

This time we can't have that much seafood again.

Fifth days for diving trip.

Our chairman suddney decided to study the island yesterday, so we hire a private aircraft. We start woke up at 5am and move on to next place at 6am.Our car has been jam in the city.It seem so close to our destination but can make a move. It took us 3 hours and 45 minutes to there. We late for 15 mins. 

After a brief  safety talks,  the plane took off smoothl. A group of eight of us flew to the island near PG island.

The unsophisticated Islanders and the innocent children. 

The plane was fast so we went on 10am, back on 3pm.

There is still time to shooting range in the  afternoon. Shooting in Philippines is a project of tourism experience, enrich the content for our trip. 

Having touch guns in many years, shooting in feeling. Comes out all right.

Yan's pose look very cool. Doesn't metter about result.

We stay at H2O Grand Hotel in Malia bay. Superior view in the room


Since the night range return there is a small episode, the way back to the hotel to a supermarket to buy some products, out of a taxi and saw a tricycle, how much money can a simple English and ask, after confirming the return, midway asked if there is a massage place, our machine is a thin the middle-aged man said, the front pedal hard behind, we don't feel at ease even, back to the hotel to ask how long, he said it is half an hour, we want to call each other for so long, hurry back to the hotel, the car driver also speed up to get back to the hotel entrance, see the time is ten minutes. Get off after the other than 300, scared us to run, is not to say that 50 to 300, the other bibihuahua, I look at each other in ShuaWuLai posture, he and his companions to take his car to the entrance to the hotel, called him to Security and security talk, ask, first call each other through negotiation, finally, we walked a little distance, the other side also forced to accelerate, then 200 more appropriate. We ended up with 200. It's fun to think about it. However, to remind friends to travel to Philippines, in Manila must pay attention to travel, the cost must be clear and then consumption. We should return to the domestic counterparts after the student is late for a long time to sit back, the carriage is reported to the results than the asking price, after the price is $, this difference can be big, but fortunately met kind-hearted Chinese help was able to escape. In addition, I have also played before, it is normal for foreigners to be slaughtered. But the tourist attractions in remote areas of the service is really pretty good, the whole folk customs are very simple. It's all right to avoid it. Philippines travel to sea based, mostly directed to diving or water projects, and there is no difference between the time difference, the power supply is basically the same, the traffic is on the left, the vehicle steering wheel orientation is the same, the Chinese are more. These are the advantages of attracting domestic populations.


The Sixth days for diving trip.

After the breakfast we are ready to back home. we took China Southern Airlines flight 12:00 at noon flight to Guangzhou. From T1 terminal are not far from the hotel, normally it tooks 20minutes to get there. But took us an hours this time.But still 1 hour and 40 minutes ahead of time. arrived at Guangzhou just in time, the whole trip is very full, smooth and perfect. We will arrange more trip later. Wish members of ChinaDive could join and have fun together.